Our personal development courses and retreats are residential and non-residential and held in a safe and supportive space.


We invite you to the sacred space created for you

– Journey and to explore

– Reconnect with your unique core self

– Realise your soul’s purpose

– Engage with your intuitive knowing self

– Continue on your soul’s journey with greater clarity and harmony


You need not do this spiritual exploratory work alone. Share, learn and discover with other like-minded people in the knowledge that they are also on their own journey. Receive support from the group and support others as you witness each other grow and evolve on your spiritual journey.

You will be enabled to realise your power and speak from an transparent and congruent place as you explore, share experiences and gain more awareness on your spiritual quest. In the expansion you will develop a deep reflective spiritual practice that is grounded and unique to you.

Those who choose to participate in our longer-term personal development will also be encouraged to expand and enrich their life further through

Connections with themself, others and their wider community

Be more authentic in all aspects of their life

Share emotional experiences appropriately

Develop psychological awareness

Deepen intrinsic internal motivation


The facilitator(s) will mindfully and caringly accompany those who are relatively new or are at early stages of their soul’s journey. The more experienced will be invited to journey deeper to reconnect with your soul’s purpose. You will be supported to progress at your own pace.