I was anxious and frightened when I first met Margaret but with her gentleness and soft voice she made me feel not frightened. She would patiently sit and wait for me to speak.  She never judged me or criticised me… She is a special lady. I am happy that she was my counsellor.

Jane M


I was very sad and depressed and grieving when I came to see you. In just a few weeks my husband and children saw a change in me. I stopped crying and I was able to visit my mother’s grave with my family. You have helped me come to terms with my loss… You have given me a new lease of life. Again thank you and may God Bless you.

Angela P


Thank you for your support and encouragement and for seeing good in me when I no longer can. Thank you for understanding and with this helping me to understand myself better. Thank you for your patience and for holding the lamp so I can see clearer in my dark moments… Thank you for unconditionally accepting me as I am and for trusting me that I will find my way.

Penny L



I have learnt so much from working with you. I have enjoyed our discussions of theory and practice and as a result of it my work is more person centred now. I admire your way of being, your wisdom and genuineness and your willingness to share your mistakes and learnings… Through working together I have gained a lot more confidence and my increased skills are used in my day job as a manager.

Christopher M


Your belief in me helped me climb the mountain. I was ready to call it a day, but you believed that I could do it and that kept me going. At times I wanted to shout and swear at you, and I did shout at you, but you did not stop me from coming to supervision… Thank you for not rejecting me. At long last I am now a qualified psychotherapist… I was very lucky to have met you and I am sure your other supervisees love you as much as I do.



With her professional, calm, non-judgemental way of being Margaret creates an environment where all group members can get involved in the process, where we can learn together and from each other in a safe environment… I experience Margret as intuitive, accepting, genuine, calm, supportive and professional in her approach; her non-judgemental encouraging way of being has helped me to go that bit further to make connections, which enables me to see clearer in my client work and personal development.

Heide P



“I had a wonderful time with Margaret who taught us about how to build your misha. She really took the time for each of us personally and I just felt at home. She is one of the most experienced teachers I have worked with.”

Yoeri Moesker, Netherlands

You are a good teacher modeling what you preach. Patient and did not judge me when I made mistakes. Your kind and caring manner helped me grow in confidence and belief in myself. I am so glad and thank you for being my tutor.

Mary J